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Peter & Lauren Dishman

MTW and RUF Global - Bogota,Columbia

Peter and Lauren Dishman serve college students at the National University of Colombia through a strategic partnership between Mission to the World (MTW) and Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) - the missions and campus ministry arms of the PCA. The National University is the country's largest, most diverse, and most influential public educational institution, and key for the nation and the national church.

The Dishmans live in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, with their three children, Isaac, Samuel, and Sophia and a handful of RUF interns.


Ministry Goals for 2023-24:

- Continue to reach unbelieving students at the National University with the gospel of grace.
- Continue to equip our interns and Christian students to serve Christ and his church.
- Continue to strengthen our partnership with local reformed churches and help students become long-term members of healthy local bodies, including establishing a new church in the city in partnership with planter John Sandoval.
- Continue to cast a vision for more RUF-Global works outside of the United States and seed new missionaries and campus works through strategic short-term internships (summer long and two year).

Prayer Requests for 2023-24:

- Pray for grace for marriage and parenting of three young children.
- Pray for a strong freshman outreach in January and August and that the Lord will fill our ministry with students hungry for the word and community.
- Pray for revitalization of two local churches in Bogota and the planting of a new Presbyter-ian church launching this year.
- Pray that the Lord will give our staff a strong sense of his gracious work and the ability to serve with joy and skill.
- Pray that our case before the Constitutional Court would be resolved in favor of pluralism and a return to being formally recognized as a student group at the National University.


For more information about this ministry, please visit:

Peter & Lauren Dishman, MTW

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