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Esaie & Natacha Etienne

Esaïe and Natacha are natives of Haiti who live in South Florida. They have 3 sons, Ishtyler, Isaiah and Ishmaiah, and a grandson, Emmaus. Esaïe has been in church-planting ministry since 1993. He is a grad-uate of Reformed Theological Seminary with a Mas-ter of Divinity. Natacha is completing a master’s degree in social work at Florida Atlantic University.

They have worked in Haiti as MTW missionaries since 2006. Their ministry includes church planting, leadership training, and mercy ministry. In conjunc-tion with MTW, they plan to move to the Domini-can Republic in September 2023 and lead and oversee ministries there and in Haiti. Esaïe returned January 27 from his first trip to Haiti in 7 months due to the increased violence everywhere in the country. This and the increased poverty among the people because of inflation and the invasive nature of the gangs that control so much of the country have pre-sented many challenges for their ministry including theft of electricity producing equip-ment, need to provide more security for the ministry, difficulty in hiring staff and inability to get food for the school.

The need is great for substantially more resources. Please visit the website and Haiti projects to help support their ministries: Haiti Mercy/Compassion Needs, Haiti LoveOne Project and Trinity PC Construction.

Prayer Requests for 2023-24:

• Praise God for Esaïe’s trip to Haiti in January: for safe travels, the provision of a new administrator/worship leader and the school finally restarting in December.
• For the funds needed to get food for the school and others who are highly food inse-cure.
• For healing for the ministry and members after changes in administrator/worship leader and efforts to divide Trinity Church. For wisdom and humility as they move for-ward.
• For Dociné Christian Academy and all its financial needs.
• For a permanent solution for the constant instability and the complex security situa-tion of the country.
• For wisdom for Esaïe, Natacha and all the ministry leaders in Haiti as they navigate through these issues for solutions that honor God
• For Esaïe and Natacha’s preparations for the move to the Dominican Republic and for the complexity of leading and overseeing ministries in 2 different countries.
• For God to provide the funds to finish the construction of Trinity Church.


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