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Rev. Aldo and Abby Mondin
MTW - RUF at USF - Tampa, Florida

Originally from central Florida, Aldo graduated from the University of North Florida in 2015 with a degree in History and Religious Studies. He graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary where he did graduate work in Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity. Aldo and Abby met at RUF in college and have loved serving through it ever since. Aldo began working for RUF in 2019 and was called to be the Campus Minister at USF in 2021. Aldo and Abby have 2 sons: Winston (Jan. 2017) and Hugo (Aug. 2022). Aldo also enjoys reading, cycling, and watching his beloved soccer team: Liverpool FC.

RUF-USF had a packed semester! Our ministry continues to grow and we now have four staff as we try to accommodate more and more students into our ministry. Last year our peak attendance was 79 . . . this year it was 115! This year we began a new ministry: First Year Fellowship (FYF). This ministry meets on campus and is meant to connect first year (freshmen) students to RUF and to other freshmen. This is led primarily by student leaders and we have been very encouraged by how they have welcomed new students and led this ministry. FYF has been an excellent training tool where we can place leaders who are able to get more and more ministry experience by working with newer students and developing small groups within RUF. Please consider a gift to RUF to help us take more students to conferences, have more one-one meetings, and do more outreach events on the campus.

2024 Ministry Goals:

•Continued Growth in our ministry team. We have 5-7 leaders graduating this year.
•Growing our small group ministry to accommodate more students.

2024 Prayer Requests - Please Pray For:

Continued Growth in our ministry team. 

•Our new intern, Alise Berrojo and all of our current interns: Becca, Niccol and Jacob. Specifically, for favor with students and wisdom in ministry.
•That our new small groups would be effective in discipling students.


For more information about this ministry, please visit:

University of South Florida - Reformed University Fellowship (

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