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Susan Newkirk
Mission to the World (MTW)
Cape Town, South Africa

Susan's passion for missions began at age 11, when her fam-ily traveled to India to do mission work. During college she felt called to pursue missions. Susan served four years in Madrid, Spain, first doing university outreach and later teaching in a school for missionary kids through MTW. In 2003, Susan took a two-week mission trip with her church to Cape Town, and in 2004 she returned to study for a year at the Bible Institute of South Africa. God then called Susan back to Cape Town to serve as the children's ministry coordi-nator at Muizenberg Community Church (MCC), where she served from 2008-2011.

After three years at MCC, God opened the door for Susan to lead an outreach to Westlake Village, an underprivileged com-munity. Susan now serves with Tokai Community Church (TCC), through which she has coordi-nated children's Bible clubs at the local public school, a boys' soccer ministry, outreach to the local primary school, a feeding program, and a women's ministry. Susan now serves on the church planting team for Westlake Community Church (WCC), started by TCC, and running for four years. Susan coordinates both children's ministry and women's ministry, discipling fami-lies and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Westlake community. Pray for the Lord to bring many to faith in Christ, and for Susan to be a godly example to the children and wom-en she serves.

Prayer Requests for 2023-24

• Praise God for how the Lord is growing Westlake Community Church! People are growing in their faith and starting to use their gifts to serve the church. Praise God that some fami-ly members of those in our church are coming to faith in Christ! Pray for continued disci-pleship as some church members struggle to leave behind sinful lifestyles.
• Please pray that more men in Westlake would come to faith in Christ, especially the hus-bands and fathers of women and children in our church. Pray for the Lord to raise up godly men who could serve the Lord by helping lead our church.
• Please pray for a new venue for worship and children’s ministry as we have outgrown the shipping container where services are held. Children’s Church (Sunday School) meets in the pastor’s house but we are also outgrowing that space. This is a great problem to have but an important need as well!
• Praise God for providing volunteers for our children’s ministry, especially the Bible club at the local public school! Praise God for the approximately 100 children in Grades 1-7 that came weekly in 2022 to learn more about the Lord!


For more information about this ministry, please visit:

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