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Rene & Lili Palacio
SIM Global - Charlotte, NC

René and Lilli serve the SIM global community in consulting, fostering, and equipping in biblical governance exercise and good practices through scriptural principles of stewardship, accountability, and generosity. René and Lilli joined SIM USA in 1997.

They served in Southern Africa until 2001 ministering in a variety of roles, including coordinating the merger of Africa Evangelical Fellowship into SIM. René served as Regional Treasurer and Lilli served as Regional Pro-jects Coordinator for the Southern African cone countries. René and Lilli have served the SIM community working with SIM International since 2001. From 2003 René served as Director of Fi-nance for SIM International. From 2013 René served as SIM International Director of Governance. They now serve as leadership mentors, and consultants for SIM ministries and leaders globally . René presently also serves as Managing Trustee of SIM Charitable Trust, and as member of the SIM USA Board, and the Global Trust Partners board.

Ministry Goals for 2023-24:

Support SIM’s global initiatives to fulfill Christ’s commission by proclaiming the Gospel amongst those who are living and dying without hearing the Good News. We seek to help foster this work by promoting good stewardship of the resources the Lord makes available for His work to the nations. We seek to promote good governance to enhance Gospel outreach.

Prayer Requests for 2023-24:

• Guide and give us wisdom, spiritual maturity, and gifting as we continue to mentor members of boards and councils in biblical principles for governance and stewardship.
• Give us greater knowledge of Himself, His presence, His wisdom.
• Gift us with deeper empathy and burden us for all people as we seek to aid God’s servants in humble service.
• Inspire greater generosity according to God’s biblical design for all to participate in mission en-deavors.
• Direct the SIM search for a new International Director. The plan is to have someone appointed by August to take over in 2024.
• Enable SIM’s Faithful Witness in Forgotten Communities initiative as it continues to mobilize multicultural, multi-skilled teams to make Jesus known in communities where people are liv-ing and dying without ever hearing the Good News.


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