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MNA Chaplain Ministry

This ministry of our denomination serves our military forces as well as numerous civilian organizations: civilian and V A hospitals, retirement communities, hospices, police forces, correctional facilities, the Civil Air Patrol, and others.

In this time of global conflict with terrorism, with much of our military deployed abroad, the chaplain's ministry is especially critical to serving the spiritual needs of our military personnel.

Also served by the chaplain's ministry are veterans of foreign Wars who receive both inpatient and long-term outpatient care at the nation's V A hospitals and need spiritual ministering.

Our prayer for Mission to North America (MNA) administration of military chaplains connects us in a very positive way with the men and women who currently serve, and have served, in our country's armed forces to safeguard our freedoms.

Chaplain Jeff Skipper
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Rev. Jeff Skipper has been serving as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force at Hill Air Force Base since September 2021. Before following God’s call into the military, Jeff served as a PCA Teaching Elder and Church Planter in Winter Haven, FL from 2013-2021. Jeff is married to Marissa and together they have three boys: Jonathan (13), Isaac (11), and Brooks (9). Jeff currently is the lead chaplain of the Protestant community on base and spends the majority of his time ministering to Airmen and their families. He serves within multiple high-risk units where Airmen face significant struggles, leading to many counseling opportunities. Marissa works as a clinical Social Worker and runs her own private counseling practice. Jeff and his family attend weekly worship services on the base where he leads the Protestant service. The Skippers will be moving to North Carolina in May for a four-year embedded Special Tactics assignment. They are excited for the challenge and possibilities ahead.

2024 Ministry Goals:

•Assimilate into my new unit in North Carolina and begin connecting with the Airmen and their families.

2024 Prayer Requests - Please Pray For:

•Our three boys to build solid relationships here in Utah, and their hearts to be prepared for the move ahead.
•Marissa and me to be patient as the boys wrestle through emotions and change.
•Our Permanent Change of Station: that we find a house, the right schools, and a church community.
•Our Airmen and families at Hill AFB.

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