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Carla Stevens, MTW
MTW - Education - Lakeland, Florida

Carla Stevens is an educational consultant committed to encour-aging an interest in, and facilitating the creation of, God-centered day schools and home schools in evangelical churches worldwide and equipping teachers for those schools. Carla has served with MTW since 1989, first as a middle school science teacher and coach for missionary children in Quito, Ecuador, and then as a teacher and educational consultant for the Presbyterian schools in Belize. Carla received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Covenant College and her doctoral degree from Regent


Carla’s ministry assists parents, church leaders, and schoolteachers as they partner together to intentionally disciple and wisely guide children to develop a Reformed biblical worldview. In the last decade, Christians in many countries have started private days schools and home schools. A majority of the teachers, however, are not equipped to teach from a biblical per-spective or convey a biblical worldview. Most of the current efforts to address this problem are short term and have limited long-term impact. PS78Teachers entered into unique partner-ships with MINTS Seminary ( to provide a long-term, biblically based, degree-granting, online teacher education program that includes ongoing feedback and accountability for participants.


Ministry Goals for Carla and the PS78 Teachers Team:

• Complete writing, editing, and recording of last two courses for the PS78 Teacher Edu-cation Program.
• Mentor and encourage current online students; recruit and orient new students and facilitators. (Zoom and in person).
• Assist MINTS Seminaries in Malawi and Ethiopia as they incorporate our teacher educa-tion courses into their curriculums.
• September, 2023: Prepare and teach “Foundations of Christian Education at Africa Reformation Theological Seminary (ARTS), Uganda (2 weeks) (Rescheduled from 2022).
• Recruit and train new team member (with MTW) to serve as Academic Program Admin-istrator.


Prayer Requests 2023-24:

• Pray for current online students to persevere in their studies and to apply what they are learning to their classrooms. Pray for Quentin and Carla as they grade student as-signments, provide feedback, and lead study team discussions (Zoom). Pray for new students and new Study Team facilitators.
• Pray for wisdom, direction, and clarity in all our endeavors. Pray for physical stamina when traveling.
• URGENT REQUEST: Pray for God to raise up an educator with administrative and man-agement skills to serve as the Academic Program Administrator for PS78-TEP.


For more information about this ministry, visit:

Carla Stevens, MTW

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